• Number One Reason Kids Are Inconsiderate To Others

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    May 8, 2020 /  Parents and Kids

    Old-fashioned manners have never gone out of style, so why don’t kids practice consideration for others?

    I witnessed a prime example of inconsiderate behavior by a 15-year-old in whose home I was visiting.

    The mother was recuperating from major back surgery and the child seemed to have no sympathy or understanding for the lack of mobility her single parent was experiencing.

    Oblivious to her mother’s situation, the child went about her normal activities of . . .

    1. Leaving things lying around for mom to pick up
    2. Playing loud games while mom was trying to rest
    3. Asking if a friend could stay overnight
    4. Asking mom to drive them to the movies and the mall.

    I silently watched (as it was none of my business), but I couldn’t help realizing kids today are

    1. Spoiled
    2. Thoughtless
    3. Unsympathetic
    4. Unappreciative

    Now, I realize not ALL kids are this way. If you have a child who fits the above description, however, I know you can relate to it.

    Here is a simple answer to inconsideration from a child, and it’s not from peers or society – it’s due to lack of proper training!

    Keep in mind, however, that with a 15-year-old, the training may be a little late in coming. The parent took too much time in creating and enforcing rules of behavior or social skills.

    Training a child in proper manners and thoughtfulness begins when a child is very young if a parent expects the child (children) to be acceptable members of society.

    It takes conscious effort and time. Even a 5-year-old is capable of writing a childish thank-you note for gifts received from relatives.

    Did you encourage your children to write thank-you notes for gifts received last year? Did you follow up and make sure the task was completed and mailed or e-mailed?

    If not, you aren’t setting a good example of thoughtfulness. The giver of each gift would appreciate some appreciation from the child recipient in order to want to keep giving in the future.

    Habits begin at home by observation. If children see parents writing thank-you notes, they will come to understand it’s the proper way to send appreciation.

    This is just one example. Others could be:

    Speaking softly or waiting to speak when someone is on the phone. Kids are famous for interrupting or being oblivious to someone trying to hear a phone conversation. Inconsideration should not acceptable.

    Turning off the television during meals. Conversation around the dinner table has long been a routine for daily discussion. But how can a family discuss anything when the kids want to watch TV during meals?

    Kids pick up habits from home and these habits form the foundation of how they behave when they establish their own families.

    So, what is the NUMBER ONE REASON that kids are inconsiderate? (Being spoiled is only a symptom)

    ANSWER: Lack of training. The parents have failed that course.

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